“Born of an idea, the Mid Shore Recovering Veterans Group facilitated the fulfillment of a dream - and then became so much more.”  R. Ball  2012

        The dream was to invite some recovering veterans at Bethesda Naval Hospital to Talbot County for a day of clay shooting at the Talbot Rod & Gun Club.  The dream belonged to Marion Gannon, a member of the gun club, and he realized he would need some logistical help to make this a reality.

        He recruited his friend, Royce Ball, to assist with the financial planning and fund raising.  They both knew they woud have to find a way to collect donations, and place them into a 501(c)3 account.   It was of this realization that Marion and Royce co-founded the Mid Shore Recovering Veterans Group.

        Working with the Mid Shore Community Foundation, the group was organized as a non-profit, and could now solicit funds from organizations such as the American Legion, VFW, and other public and private sector sources.  Having begun their fund raising efforts, it was on a cold day in March 2012, that a bus from Bethesda Naval Hospital arrived, transporting 10 recovering Veterans for a day of recreation.

        When the event was over, Marion and Royce discovered they had funds left over and, more importantly, a desire to make this more than a one-time affair.  In addition, here was an opportunity for Eastern Shore people to assist Eastern Shore Veterans!